About Us

Arta Sanat Gata provides complete cleanroom project delivery with guaranteed performance. Our integrated products + solutions offering provides risk mitigation with single source responsibility.
Guaranteed cleanroom solutions for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressurization
  • Cleanliness
  • Containment

Arta Sanat Gata company in field of consultation, design, implementation and installation of a cleanroom, provides the best equipment and technology, at all stages of architecture, facilities (mechanical, ventilation and filtration), electricity, automation, control as well as test and measurement equipment And cleanroom facilities. The company also has the ability to produce cleanroom equipments, including cleanroom doors, power panels and control and monitoring systems, stainless steel floor drain, pass boxes, interlock and special lights for clean rooms.

Arta Sanat Gata company, from the onset of consultation, URSs and designing to the stage of their implementation, adheres GMP principles, standards and regulations, as well as quality assurance, validation and qualification.


Consultation and designing

The Arta Sanat Gata company, performing consultation and cleanroom design, taking into account all the customer’s goals and needs, considering available facilities and complying with the relevant standards by its technical and engineering team. In this regard, all services related to architectural design, construction, ventilation and air conditioning systems, facilities, electrical and electronic systems, automation, control and monitoring of clean rooms and other backup systems are carried out. These services are performed from the initial consulting and procurement phase of the URS to the Conceptual Design, Basic and Detail design, and follow up to obtaining relevant permissions.


Manufacturing and constructing

Arta Sanat Gata Co., with using the most recent technology, provides the services of a cleanroom design and implementation by experienced experts with specialized production facilities as well as cooperation with reputable companies in the world. These services include the implementation of room paneling, manufacture of doors and windows, installation of air-handling units and ducts, installation of filters and making filters boxes, manufacturing and installation of lights and valves, providing PVC and aluminum fittings, Epoxy, PVC flooring, plumbing and manufacturing floor drains …



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Arta Sanat Gata Co with the cooperation of the best European and Asian companies, and getting the sole authorized representative of the world famous companies, in the field of cleanroom equipment, and supporting several reputable global brands, with skilled and experienced personnel, is able to provide services, Equipments, design, construction, installation, test and balance procedures. We provide all kind of products related to cleanroom industry. See our products here.

Qualification and validation, Test and balance

Arta Sanat Gata has a complete set of test services and has the ability to provide all the services related to validation and qualification, cleanroom test and balances, including particle size, temperature, humidity, pressure , Intensity of sound, light intensity, air velocity, air volume and filter leakage to our customers. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that the parameters of the rooms are in conformity with the relevant standards and design. Preparing:

  • VMP Document
  • Design qualification
  • Installation qualification
  • Operation qualification
  • Performance qualification

“We believe in Commitment, quality and innovation…”