CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

In today’s highly industrialized world, such organizations are successful in competing, that use creativity and innovation as their slogan and consider flexibility versus environmental change as a part of their business. If today the name “Gata” is mentioned as a symbol of speed in action, trust, innovation and quality in the clean room industry, and if we consider creativity in designing and building a clean room as our key advantage, backed by years of experience and leadership in the clean room industry and team effort of managers and employees in this way.

Undoubtedly, maintaining the previous and consistent solutions with the developments and challenges ahead requires a comprehensive approach to all progressive factors, continuous quantitative and qualitative improvement of clean room products, utilization of new knowledge and technologies in the field of clean room and redoubled efforts of all partners and colleagues.

Today, with several years of experience, “Arta Sanat Gata” Company has started its business in the field of clean room and expansion of its products and services, has put quality improvement at the top of its work and has determined customer satisfaction as its most important mission.

We hope that by relying on God and the support of all hard-working employees and the support of companies and related industries, we will play a more effective role in providing equipment and services in the field of clean rooms in our country.

Foad Norouzi Zare

Managing Director