“Arta Sanat Gata” Company (Private Joint Stock Company) with many years of experience in the field of design and construction of clean rooms and as one of the companies in providing a variety of clean room equipment and carry out commercial, contracting and production activities with emphasis on innovation, knowledge and modern technologies in cleanroom industry and quality infrastructure required and relying on human capital as well as standards approved by national and international authorities to satisfy customers and quality improvement of pharmaceutical and hospital cleanroom industries.


Compete with prominent companies in the field of clean room industry and creating change and innovation


  • Improving the level of knowledge-based, employee learning and participation
  • Feeling committed to the organization’s goals
  • Keep up with current world standards in cleanroom industry
  • Efforts to continuously improve the quality of services and products
  • Support human honesty and dignity
  • Improving customer orientation in the organization
  • Leading and innovating in business