Exclusive agent of Ventas company in Iran

VENTAS Isıtma, Soğutma, Enerji Sistemleri, İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi; has been established in 2011 for production, consulting, project preparation and equipment supply in heating, cooling, air-conditioning and energy efficiency areas.

VENTAS, which is established on top of twenty years of know-how and experience of its founders in the aforementioned sectors, is serving at its Istanbul Hadimkoy and Catalca production centers.

Having Eurovent, ISO 9001, CE, TSEK, GOST-R and EN 1886 certificates and benefiting all advantages of modern high technology, in VENTAS production centers, high quality and durable products are manufactured by a dynamic and experienced expert team with a meticulous and neat workmanship, and a solution oriented approach.

VENTAS brand’s main principles are to serve its customers as a high quality solution partner and to provide excellent service with a dynamic structure both in pre-sales and after-sales. Having reached a fast and continuous growth track since it has been established, VENTAS has managed to become a well-known company in heating, cooling, air-conditioning and energy efficiency sectors throughout the country. Moreover, the Turkish brand VENTAS has penetrated its excellent and high quality products into international markets in a very short time frame, and offered a complete product supply chain to these markets through its wide dealer and service structure. Paying highly attention in its products for energy efficiency, endurance, reliability, sustainable technology and competitive price policy, VENTAS offers to be the corporate solution partner of all investors and mechanical construction companies in Turkey and all over the world, and shares its dynamic vision, renewed and developed continuously, with all its customers.


  • Comfort Air Handling Units
  • Air Handling Units with Plate Type Heat Recovery Unit
  • Air Handling Units with Rotary Type Heat Recovery Unit
  • Hygienic Air Handling Units
  • Package Hygienic Air Handling Units (PHS)
  • Air Handling Units Fuelled With Natural Gas (DGS)
  • Pool Dehumidification Air Handling Units
  • Duct Type Air Handling Units (Vertical or Horizontal Type)
  • Shelter-Ventilating Units (SKS)